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Kayseri Stele

The round topped stele has 6 lines of inscription running around on all 4 faces. The front face of the stele has been erased and re-cut with one large maltese cross in a circle with a base and a few other small crosses, and the sides of the stele has further damage. It was reported to be in a private house in Kayseri by 1925, but by 1932 was moved to Ankara. The bottom structure of the stele indicates that there may have been a separate base similar to Sultanhanı monument. And like Sultanhanı, this stele is also dedicated to the god by a servant of King Wasusarma (see also Topada, Sivasa and Göstesin) and includes similar protective curses. Dated to second half of the 8th cent BCE. Currently in Anatolian Civilizations Museum in Ankara.

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