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In 2007 several fragments of a hieroglyphic Luwian inscription has been found built into the walls of an old house in the village of Ovaören (previously Göstesin). The fragments are believed to be the parts of a single rock inscription, possibly once stood by the rocky patch near the house. Some fragments mention the name of the Tabalean king Wasusarma, and the hieroglyphic signs display similarities to the Tabal era inscriptions Topada and Sivasa, which also mention the same ruler (see also Sultanhanı, Kayseri). On that ground, the inscription may be dated to the second half of the 8th century BCE.

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S.Y. Şenyurt, 2010

Şenyurt, S. Y. "Ovaören-Göstesin geç hitit/luwi hiyeroglif yazıtı," FsDonbaz, 2010: 262-68.

Image sources:
S. Yücel Şenyurt, 2010