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Two reliefs show two similar offering scenes. On the left, king Allumalli(?) is offering libation and an animal to the Storm God of the city (of POCULUM-da). On the second orthostat the offerings are made to the Storm God of the city of Malizi. In both orthostats, the god and king names are written both in relief and incised forms in Luwian hieroglyphs. They were found in situ at the north face of the Lion Gate's west wing. The limestone blocks measure 0.36 by 0.61 and 0.42 by 0.80 meter in height and length respectively. They are dated to the 12th to 11th centuries BCE. They are on display at the Anatolian Civilizations Museum in Ankara.

B. Bilgin, 2022 B. Bilgin, 2022

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Bora Bilgin, 2022.