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Arslantepe (Malitiya)

Arslantepe is the current name of the Hittite city site of Malidiya (Malizi, Melid, Assyrian Meliddu) from where the nearby modern city of Malatya got its name. Arslantepe (arslan=lion and tepe=hill) gets its name from the lion statues excavated at the location. It is located on the bank of Euphrates about 4 km to the north-east of modern day Malatya. It was an important Hittite settlement in all ages of Hittite period and even before, but it became a major site as a Neo-Hittite city state. It retained Hittite traditions long after the fall of the Empire. Compared to other Neo-Hittite cities, the monuments in Arslantepe display more similarities to the empire period traditions. The Lion Gate and the courtyard were decorated with numerous orthostats. With the exception of a few orthostats in Malatya museum, most of the finds are displayed in Anatolian Civilizations Museum in Ankara.

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The Site
Lion Gate
Malatya museum Malatya museum
King is pouring libation King is pouring libation
King is pouring libation Slaying of the dragon Illuyanka King is pouring libation
Libation scene Libation scene Malatya museum
Other Orthostats
Lion hunt Stag hunt God and Goddess Mora, 2013
Statue of Storm God
In Situ In Ankara Museum

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