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Inscribed Statue

In 1991 a statue fragment that shows the upper torso and the left arm of a male figure was found at the locality of Çiçektepe on the surface about 800 meters east of the quarry. It bears the partially preserved Hieroglyphic Luwian "zi/a" and several "God" (DEUS) signs inscribed on its belt section. The basalt fragment is about 27 cm in height. In 2018 around the same locality another piece that appears to be the foot section of the same statue was found by the Yesemek museum guard Ali Çiçek. The complete statue must be a little over 1 meter tall. Stylistically it stands apart from the rest of the sculptures in Yesemek. So far along with a small seal it is the only epigraphic find from around Yesemek.

R. Duru, 2004 R. Duru, 2012 A. Engin, 2020

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