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Söğütlü Stele

The basalt stele found in the Söğütlü village of the Pazarcık township in the province of Kahramanmaraş. It is another funerary stele in the style of many found in and around the city Kahramanmaraş, which shows a "dinner scene," where a male figure with a sword on his belt stands in front of a table with food items on it. There are two small animals (dogs?) behind and below the figure, perhaps signifying something about the occupation of the person. The top section of the stele is broken and the remaining section has a height of 1.20 meters and a width of 56 cm. Dated roughly to the 9th to 8th century BCE. It is currently on display in the Adana Museum.

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T. Bilgin, 2017

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Image sources:
Tayfun Bilgin, 2017.