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This Storm-god figure is carved on a roughly 3 by 2 meter piece of rock, and located in the Gökbez village, about 18 km south-east of Bor, in the Niğde province. The Storm-god is holding a double-headed axe in the right hand and a lighting symbol in the left. There is a vine with large grapes, grown between the feet of the Storm-god. It lacks an inscription but stylistically is very similar to the Niğde stele of Muwaharani, son of Warpalawa of Tuwana, and therefore dated to the end of the 8th or early 7th century BCE.

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B. Bilgin, 2011 B. Bilgin, 2011 B. Bilgin, 2011 B. Bilgin, 2011

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Image sources:
Bora Bilgin, 2011