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The basalt stone bearing a fragment of monumental Hieroglyphic Luwian inscription was found in the 1943 season of the Alacahöyuk excavations by H. Z. Koşay. It is about 48 cm in length and 33 cm in height and bears parts of the two lines of an inscription. The second line appears to give the name and title of Princess Tarhuntamanawa (TONISTRUS-ma-na[-wa/i] REX.FI[LIA]) and the first line may also have a part of the same name too.

ALACAHÖYÜK 3 - H. Z. Koşay, 1966 Drawing of ALACAHÖYÜK 3 - M. Poetto, 1966

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Poetto, M. "Una rivisitazione del frammento in luvio geroglifico ALACA HÖYÜK IV," SMEA 35, 1995: 101–5 and plt. I.
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Image sources:
Hamit Zübeyr Koşay, 1966.
Massimo Poetto, 1995.