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Horse Head Statues

The basalt fragments that make up two horse head statues were found in 1888 by Felix von Luschan at various locations in Zicirli Höyük. They are roughly the life size and the two heads are depicted with two different types of bridles. The frontal piece of the bridle of one on the right in the picture is decorated with a naked female figure holding her breasts, who may be a deity (see Karkamış). The cheek piece of the same bridle has a sphinx decoration. The ears of the both horses are broken, and the broken nose section of the smaller one on the left has been restored from scratch. Von Luschan speculated on the possibility of one or both of the pieces belonging to a double-horse statue base found near Hilani II. They are dated to the late 8th to early 7th century BCE. The heads are on display at the Vorderasiatisches Museum in Berlin.

T. Bilgin, 2010

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Image sources:
Tayfun Bilgin, 2010.