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Topada Inscription

This Neo-Hittite period hieroglyphic Luwian rock inscription is located near the Ağıllı village of Acıgöl (formerly Topada) in Nevşehir province. The inscription is carved on the flattened surface of a rock that sticks out from the eastern face of a rocky wall of about 5-meter high plateu. It consists of 8 lines, all separated by drawn lines. There was also a short, one-line "scribal inscription" to the right of the main one, which was apparently destroyed sometime before 1986. Well preserved inscription is associated with the Neo-Hittite era kingdom of Tabal. It begins as: "[Great K]ing Wasusarma Great King, the Hero, son of the Great King Tuwati, the Hero". It is a commemorative inscription about Wasusarma the King of Tabal, describing political and military events that mainly revolve around a fight against the city of Parzuta. Sivasa, Sultanhanı, Göstesin and Kayseri are other monuments that also mention Wasusarma. Three other kings - Warpalawa (Bor, İvriz, Bulgarmaden), Kiyakiya (Aksaray) and Ruwata - are mentioned as allies of Wasusarma and use of cavalry is mentioned several times. The Tabal King Wasusarma is known from Assyrian sources as Wassurme who was defeated by Tiglathpileser III. Thus the monument is dated to the second half of the 8th century BCE.

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