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Sıkızlar Sculpture Quary

The site was first noticed in 1966 by the French archaeologist Georges Tchalenko and subsequently in 1970s it was surveyed by the Italian expedition working at Tell Mardikh (Ebla). It is located near the Sıkızlar village in northern Syria, roughly 6-7 km south of the Turkish border. Several roughly shaped basalt sculptures are visible on the surface, including a lion statue, three sphinx heads, and some formed blocks. The location was quite likely a sculpture quary similar to Yesemek and roughly should date to the same period.

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S. Mazzoni, 1986 S. Mazzoni, 1986 S. Mazzoni, 1986 S. Mazzoni, 1986 S. Mazzoni, 1986

Mazzoni, S. "A sculptures quary at Sikizlar," Annales Archéologiques Arabes Syriennes 36-37, 1986: 268–75.

Image sources:
Stefania Mazzoni, 1986.