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Double bull statue base has been found in the small village of Sefalı (Aşağı Şeyek) whick lies about 3 km to the north of Dağyanı (Mehmedihan) village mid-way betweed Urfa and Viranşehir. The heads of the bulls are broken. The regtangular hole on top is the mortise hole that once held the tenon of a statue. The basalt base is 1 meter long, 95 cm high, and 85 cm wide. Stylistically it displays Assyrian influence and a date in late 8th century BCE has been suggested. It is on display in Urfa Museum.

Other sculptered fragments have been noted in the same village during a survey in 1998 by Fikri Kulakoğlu (last row). These include top part of a limestone stele with a male figure in adoration pose, a fragment from lower section of a basalt statue with decorative bands, and a bull relief, perhaps in situ, carved on a block in a door structure.

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T. Bilgin, 2017 T. Bilgin, 2017 T. Bilgin, 2017 T. Bilgin, 2017 T. Bilgin, 2017
F. Kulakoğlu, 1999 F. Kulakoğlu, 1999
F. Kulakoğlu, 2001 F. Kulakoğlu, 2001

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