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Stele fragment

The basalt stele or orthostat fragment shows a bearded male figure holding a wheat stalk and a bunch of grapes in his left hand in front of a table. It is about 48 cm high abd 32 cm wide. It was reportedly acquired in Maraş in 1880s by Col. Lundqvist who was an atache in Russian consulate in Aleppo and subsequently transferred to Tbilisi, Georgia. It is currently in Simon Janashia Museum of Georgia.

W. Orthmann, 1971 S. Przeworski, 1934

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Orthmann, W. Untersuchungen zur späthethitischen Kunst, Bonn, 1971. (Maraş B/10)

Image sources:
Winfret Orthmann, 1971.
Stefan Przeworksi, Syria 15, 1934.