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Chariot scene orthostat

Basalt orthostat fragment displays a chariot scene that is also encountered in other Late Hittite sites and the presense of a dog under the horse suggest that it might be a hunt scene (e.g., Arslantepe, Karkamış). Reportedly found somewhere in the western part of the city of Maraş, it was first noted in 1880s, but there is no detailed information. The fragment is about 71 cm in height and 78 cm in width and it is roughly dated to the first half of the 9th century BCE. Currently in the inventory of Adana Archaeology Museum.

S. Przeworksi, 1936

Orthmann, W. Untersuchungen zur späthethitischen Kunst, Bonn, 1971. (Maraş B/6)

Image sources:
Stefan Przeworski, Syria 17, 1936.