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Storm God Stele

The Storm God stele made of a basalt block was transferred to Adana Museum in 1930s from the city of Maraş where it was located in secondary context. Although highly weathered the STorm God figure in a typical pose with raised arm holding a double sided axe in one and a lighting on the other. Above the deity is the outline of a winged sun disk. Stele is about 1.06 meter in height and 0.65 meters in width. On the upper section of the back side is a four-line Luwian inscription but it is largely unreadbale. What little can be read suggest that it is about offereings to the deities. Stele is currently in Adana Arhaeology Museum.

T. Bilgin, 2017
J.D. Hawkins, 2000

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Image sources:
Tayfun Bilgin, 2017.
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