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Stele Fragment

The fragment shows the head of a female, dressed very similarly to the figures attested on another stele from Kahramanmaraş. Behind her head, there are the first couple of signs of an inscription, which probably identified the owner of the stele (za-wa/i, "This (is) [...]"). The fragment is about 38 cm high and 66 cm wide, and was found during excavations at the foot of the Maraş citadel. Currently on display in the Kahramanmaraş Museum.

B. Bilgin, 2015

Hawkins, J. D. Corpus of Hieroglyphic Luwian Inscriptions, Vol 1, Berlin, 2000: 281 and plt. 132. (MARAŞ 15)

Image sources:
B. Bilgin, 2015.