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Funerary stele

The Late Hittite style funerary stele has been found during a building excavation in the "Belediye Çarşısı" of the city of Kahramanmaraş and in 1989 it was confiscated by Turkish authorities in Antakya while it was attempted to be smuggled out of the country. The rectangular dark basalt stele is about 76 cm high, 55 cm long and 31 cm wide. It is decorated with reliefs on all four faces and it is probably a mortuary monument. A date around 800-725 BCE has been suggested. The stele is on display in the Antakya Museum.

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B. Bilgin, 2006 B. Bilgin, 2006 B. Bilgin, 2006 B. Bilgin, 2006 B. Bilgin, 2006

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