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Funerary stele of a wine merchant and wife

Late Hittite style stele dates from end of 8th or begining of 7th century B.C. It shows Aramean influence. It is about 1 meter in height. Heavy jewellery of women indicates a wealthy family. The sorrow on the faces of the couple is a striking success of the sculpter. Man on the right and woman on the left is a tradional rule of Hittite protocol. The hair and beard are Aramean version of Assyrian style, but having no moustache is a Hittite style. The decorated belt is a Hittite element of Carchemish Traditional Style. The woman's nose ring is a Phoenician influence. The headpiece of woman is very similar to pieces worn by Turkish peasant women even today. (E. Akurgal). Stele is on display in Adana Museum.