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The basalt stele is about 64 cm in lenght and width. It was found near the İsmailli village, south of the town of Kürtül in the province of Kahramanmaraş. Front side of the stele displays a Storm-God figure in a typical pose with a raised arm holding an axe and extended left arm holding the trident shaped thunderbolt. The winged sun-disc above the figure testifies to divine attributes. The rounded back side of the stele has 4 lines of Hieroglyphic Luwina inscription. Hawkins indicates that this is a dedication by a private citizen to the Storm God Tarhunza. Stylistically 8th century BCE dating is suggested. The stele is currently in Kahramanmaraş Museum.

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Photo B.Bilgin, K.Maraş Museum Hawkins Hawkins

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