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Keşlik Yayla

The round top stele was found in 1962 in a plateu north of Keşlik village near Yeşilhisar town of Kayseri. It shows the Storm-God Tarhunza holding grapes and a long stem of wheat in a pose similar to the one in İvriz. Stele is approximately 1.5 meter high and one of the largest steles of its style. On the back and the sides there are illegible traces of a 9-line hieroglyphic Luwian inscription. It was originally standing on a base carved into natural rock (see last picture below). The stele is thought to be from the time of Tuwana Kingdom based on similarities to Warpalawa monuments, and dated to second half of the 8th century BCE. The stele is currently in Niğde Museum.

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B.Bilgin Berges-Nollé Base of the stele - D'Alfonso - Mora

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