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Kelekli Stele

About 1.2 meter hight stele was found in 1902 near the village of Kelekli which is on the west bank of the Euphrates river between Birecik and Karkamış. The stele with a missing top and bottom has a relief of two figures, possibly the Storm-God and a ruler facing each other. Below them is a luwian inscription on left, front, and right sides of the stele. It is an inscription of Suhis (II) of Karkamış and mentions the name of a king Tudhaliyas. Currently in Pergamon Museum, Berlin.

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T.Bilgin T.Bilgin T.Bilgin J.Hawkins J.Hawkins

Hawkins, J. D. Corpus of Hieroglyphic Luwian Inscriptions, Vol 1, Berlin, 2000: 92-93 and plt. 9. (KELEKLİ)

Image sources:
Tayfun Bilgin, 2010
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