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Inscription of Suhis II

The limestone orthostat is from the Long Wall. The lengthy 6-line inscription narrates the king's military achievements and in the second half his raising of commemorative structures in the city. About 1.35 meters in height and 2.65 meters in width. It has missing text to the right and left of the orthostat. The last row of the relief shows severed hands and heads of enemy soldiers, which is of Assyrian influence. Dates to the 10th century BCE. The stele is in the Anatolian Civilizations Museum in Ankara.

T. Bilgin, 2006
J.D. Hawkins, 2000

Hawkins, J. D. Corpus of Hieroglyphic Luwian Inscriptions, Vol 1, Berlin, 2000: 88-91 and plts. 6-7. (KARKAMIŠ A1a)

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