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Statue Base with Lions

Basalt base which displays two lions and a keeper holding them by collars was found in situ right next to the royal buttress (see the photo from excavations). A standing male figure, possibly representing an ancestral ruler was originally standing on it. The statue and the front section of the base have been smashed to pieces. In 1914 excavator Leonard Woolley had restored the lower part of the statue (see the image from 1919 below), but after 1919 it was again destroyed and all that remains today are the head of the statue (in Louvre) and the head of one of the lions (in British Museum). The base is very similar to the one found at the King's Gate in Karkamış and almost identical to the one found at Zincirli. The base is about 1.2 meter wide and 1 meter long and currently on display at Anatolian Civilizations Museum in Ankara.

T. Bilgin, 2014 Frank Peers, 1919
British Museum Musée du Louvre

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