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Karaburna Rock Inscription

It is located near the Karaburna village of Hacıbektaş, Nevşehir. To the south of the village, on a 90 meter high flat-top hill are the ruins of an old fortress. The script is located on the eastern side of the ruins to the left of the remnants of a gateway. It is a long and incised rock-inscription in hieroglyphic Luwian. Three lines of well preserved inscription also has a small heading - a scribal signature - about 30 cm above the center (last photo below). It is translated as "Wana, the Scribe". Hawkins reads the inscription to be a report on an agreement between " Sipi the king" and " Sipi, Ni's son" about the restoration of the fortress at the location. The text warns the destroyers of his inscription and threatens them with the revenge of the Moon-God. The "Sipi" name does not appear in any other source. He is more likely to be a local ruler of Tabal era. Estimated to be from 8th century BCE.

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T.Bilgin-2009 T.Bilgin-2009 T.Bilgin-2009 T.Bilgin-2009 T.Bilgin-2006 Scribal signature - T.Bilgin-2009

Hawkins, J. D. Corpus of Hieroglyphic Luwian Inscriptions, Vol 1, Berlin: Walter de Gruyter, 2000: 480-83 and plts. 266-67.

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