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Izgın Stele

About 2.45 meter high limestone stele is covered on all four sides with a hieroglyphic Luwian inscription. It was found in 1882 standing as a headstone in a cemetery near Izgın village in the province of Kahramanmaraş. The sides C-B-A have one continuous text (Izgın 1) and the D side has another text (Izgın 2), which could have been a continuation of the first text although there is not a positive evidence due to damage. Text indicates that this stele was erected by a ruler of Malatya (Malizi) named Taras(?) for building a city/settlement named Taita(?) and talks about extention of boundaries. Dated to 11th-10th cent. BCE. It is currently in Istanbul Archeology Museum.

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J.D.Hawkins J.D.Hawkins

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