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İspekçür Stele

A 4-sided limestone stele decorated with figures and inscriptions on 3 sides. It was found broken into 4 pieces in İspekçür village at the north bank of Tohma Su by the Cornell Expedition in 1907. Badly damaged inscription identifies the author as Arnuwanti, the grandson of king Arnuwanti who is the grandson of Kuzi Teshub. The left side shows a female figure standing on a walled gate, possibly the wife of grandfather Arnuwanti. The beardless male figure with pointy shoes in the center is the grandfather Arnuwanti. He and his wife are shown deified as gods. The right side shows a bearded male figure with curly hair and pointy shoes standing on a bull and pouring libation, and the incription below identifies him as the grandson Arnuwanti. He is also shown in the Darende stele standing on a lion. Geneological dating places the stele to four generations after Kuzi Teshub to somewhere around early 11th century BCE but other arguments exist towards a later dating. Stele is currently in Sivas Museum.

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