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Two basalt steles were found in secondary context in an Islamic period cemetary at the top of Kazdağı hill by Islahiye. Steles are both abour 0.5 m in width, and one is about .7 m and the other 1.4 m in height. First stele shows a seated figure while second one depicts the Storm God with a horned conic cap in a typical pose with one raised hand holding a weapon. Both are roughly dated to 9th cetury BCE and they are on display in Adana Museum.

Another stele was confiscated in 1971 in Islahiye by the local authorities and transferred to Gaziantep Museum. Its original find spot is uncertain. Basalt stele is about 95 cm high, 62 cm wide and 39 cm thick. Similar to those in Maraş it is probably a funerary stele, depicting two male figurs seated accross a table. It has been dated to around 800-700 BCE.

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