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İmamkulu Relief

This 3.6 by 2 meter relief is carved on the flattened surface of a large rock, also known as Şimsekkaya (Ligthning Rock), near the village of İmamkulu, at Develi in the province of Kayseri. It was first spotted in 1934 during a survey by M. Kemaleddin Karamete. Highly weathered relief does not provide an easy interpretation. It possibly shows a prince or a local king on the left, holding a staff. There is not a clear agreement on the reading of the signs over his staff. Kohlmeyer reads it as Kuwalanamuwa, a name also appears in Gezbeli relief. In the middle of the figure is the Storm-God in his bull drawn chariot. Accross him is a goddess like figure above a double headed eagle. Similar to the Yazılıkaya reliefs, Storm God and the chariot is shown above the bowing heads of three mountain gods. The mountain gods are also carried above the animal headed demons.

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T.Bilgin T.Bilgin T.Bilgin K.Bittel
drawing by E.Akurgal drawing by K.Kohlmeyer drawing by K.Kohlmeyer

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