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Gezbeli Rock Monument

It is at the mountain-pass known as Gezbeli (Gezbel) about 800 meters north of the Hanyeri village, southeast of Erciyes mountain in the Kayseri province. The relief is carved on a rock wall about 4 meters above the ground level and it is about 2 meters wide. It was first reported by Ali Rıza Yalgın, the director of Adana Museum. The relief has three parts. On the left, a bull is standing on two mountain gods. Above the extended left hand of the better preserved mountain god are some hieroglyphic Luwian signs partially read as "King of the Mountains, Sharruma" (REX MONS DEUS.SARMA). The male figure in the middle is similar to the one on the Hemite relief. His left hand is holding a bow that is hanging on his shoulder. His right hand is extended forward and holding a spear. He is wearing a short tunic, shoes with curved tips and a round cap or helmet. The signs above the raised hand identifies him as “Prince Kuwalanamuwa” (EXERCITUS-BOS+MI REX.FILIUS). Same name also appears at İmamkulu. On the right side there is an antithetic inscription: "Prince Tarhuntapiyami" (TONITRUS-DARE-mi REX.FILIUS). It was argued that this inscription on the right may not be a part of the original relief.

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H.Ehringhaus T.Bilgin-2009 H.Ehringhaus K.Domisch K.Bittel
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