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Domuztepe lies on the east bank of the Ceyhan river right accross the site of Karatepe. A statue base with two bulls was first reported by Bossert and Alkım in 1947. It has two lines of hieroglyphic Luwian inscription on both sides that is in too bad shape to be read. The base is at Karatepe Museum. In 1982, an 80 cm tall Storm God stele was found by Halet Çambel on the south slope of the hill. It shows the Storm God with a horned helmet holding a double-axe in his raised right hand. Right above his left hand is the hieroglyphic sign for "I am". There are also a few other highly weathered steles and an incomplete portal lion. Based on their style, these findings point towards a little earlier dating than Karatepe, sometime around 9th or 8th century BCE.

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Right side of double bull base - H.Çambel Left side of double bull base - H.Çambel T.Bilgin-2009 T.Bilgin-2009
Storm-God stele - H.Çambel, photo Reha Günay T.Bilgin-2009 T.Bilgin-2009 T.Bilgin-2009 T.Bilgin-2009 T.Bilgin-2009

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