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This is a roughly hemicylindrical block with a flat front. It was found in a house in 1933 in the Çiftlikköy village of Yeşilhisar in Kayseri province. Block is 71 cm tall and 43 cm wide. Flat front side has a male figure with a badly damaged head. The inscriptions on this side are also in bad shape but the eight lines of Luwian inscription on the back are almost fully preserved. It is written by a “servant” of Tuwati (see also Kululu ), who makes dedications to Tarhunza, Hepat and other gods for some buildings. The “servant” may imply that he is a local ruler under Tuwati. Dated to mid 8th century BCE. It is currently in Kayseri Museum.

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E. Anıl T. Bilgin T. Bilgin Back - I. Gelb Front - I. Gelb
J. D. Hawkins - photo:I.J. Gelb J. D. Hawkins

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