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The Stele and Relief of Tudhaliya (BOĞAZKÖY 19)

The limestone stele is about 90 cm high and 80 cm wide. It was excavated in 1985 within the ruins of Temple 5 in the Upper Town. It shows the relief of a male figure holding a spear, and the signs above his extended left arm identify him as Great King Tudhaliya. The horns on the head piece suggest that this is a deified deceased king. This may be yet another stele of Tudhaliya IV, but since the epigraph is not in the shape of the usual aedicula of Tudhaliya IV (see BOĞAZKÖY 3, BOĞAZKÖY 18, and Yazılıkaya), this might be the representation of an ancestral king, perhaps Tudhaliya I. The stele is displayed in the Çorum Museum.

BOĞAZKÖY 19 - T. Bilgin, 2014

Image sources:
Tayfun Bilgin, 2014.