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Inscribed Fragments (BOĞAZKÖY 6, 25, and 27)

The three inscribed fragments were found in different times and places: BOĞAZKÖY 6 in 1953 in Büyükkaya, BOĞAZKÖY 25 in 1996 also in Büyükkaya within the iron age rubble, and BOĞAZKÖY 27 in 2004 in Sarıkale as reused in late period structures. Nevertheless, since all three are carved on same type granite material that is not very common in Bogazköy and on account of the similarity of the style and sizes of the hieroglyph characters, J. Seeher suspects that they are fragments of a single monument.

BOĞAZKÖY 6 - H. Otten, 1955 BOĞAZKÖY 25 - J. Seeher, 1997 BOĞAZKÖY 27 - J. Seeher, 2005

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Image sources:
Heinrich Otten, 1955.
Jürgen Seeher, 1997, 2005.