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Aksaray Stele

It is the bottom part of a stele with a relief of Storm God on the front face and the last 5 lines of a hieroglyphic Luwian inscription on the back and the sides. The last line continues to the front of the stele forming a line below the god relief. In its current shape the stele is about 88x90x39 cm. It was found during the excavations for a office building construction in Aksaray in 1976. The inscription is a dedication by a ruler named Kiyakiya whose name is also mentioned in Topada monument. Kiyakiya is thought to be the same person as Kiakki known from Assyrian sources who was deposed by Assyrian King Sargon II in 718 BCE. Thus the stele is dated to the end of 8th cent BCE. It is currently in Aksaray Museum.

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J.D.Hawkins J.D.Hawkins D.Morgan

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